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Abraham Gustin
Abraham GustinVisual Artist & Composer
Abraham Gustin is a Venezuelan Visual Artist and Composer of a long career of more than 30 years. Discover his research in this new portal of his work.

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Within the Venezuelan cultural scene there are characters that can not be located in a particular terrain given their restless nature that leads them to move between several worlds. The composer and pianist Abraham Gustin is located within that vast terrain that is related to academic music and that which comes from the popular, from the autochthonous, from the roots of cultures. But, in addition, he shares his musical talent with the plastic arts, his fundamental creative field in which he develops his passion for painting, drawing and experimental installations and which serves to boost and enrich his musical side.
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“I want to feel without words and look with color, leave behind the paths of everyday life to escape to the lost worlds, and discover in that hidden gaze the submerged towns.”

Painting and music have become my career in a perfect binomial. It is and has been a process of symbiosis, where both disciplines are nourished one from the other. For the rest it is interesting to remember that many of the appreciations that we use to define an artistic work come from the nomenclature used in music. The correlation between colors and musical notes is incredible. And already many artists in history have tried to propose projects that try to fuse both disciplines. In my particular case, I do not try to fuse both expressions, but the plastic arts are nourished by my work of composition and vice versa.

The art in my life goes back to childhood, and my expression as a visual artist and musician is part of my growth, my family, my memories and remains indelibly in all my memories. I become a visual artist and a musician, because that is the gift I received, and I had to find a way that this binomial could coexist. We always confuse fame with the gift of an individual. A talent can lead us to recognition, but not necessarily a recognized person is a person who exploits the gift that was conferred.

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